Specialty chemicals for surface finishing
Specialty chemicals for surface finishing
  • Pretreatment
    Chemical for preparation before electrolytic or electroless plating. Because each kind  of your raw material substrate such as Steel, Sus, Aluminium, Zinc Die Cast, Brass ETC.
  • Protection
    Products are developed to meet your requirement in term of corrosion protection, environmental friendly and user health.
  • Decorative / POP
    All decorative chemicals can provide the excellent levelling, brightness and outstanding bright throwing power, the process yield top performance even at elevated temperature and show no tendency of pitting even though at the high thickness. The Nickel plating process offer improvement of  levelling and ductility and it prior Chromium plating that gives a microporous Chrome deposit. The superficial microporosity is generated by plating Chromium over inert particles containing Nickel, enhances the corrosion resistance of the system.
  • Precious Metals
    Our chemical will assist you in obtaining the best harmony and color details among accessories, packaging, a precise metal finish on jewels with stones.
  • Functional
    Functional chemicals will bring additional properties and strengths to metallic or non-metallic parts. Electroplating works on mechanic electric and as aesthetic properties within the mechanical properties.
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