Water Management
We are a leading water management service company with complete quality products and services. We offer the full range of filtering materials, biological solutions and chemical reagents for boiler and cooling treatment. Our team is formed by professionals with a technical background and experience.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
    Products are fed in feed water of boiler to eliminate oxygen in water for prevention of corrosion. The products will build magnetite film to cover metal surface for protection of corrosion problem.
  • Scale Inhibitors
    Products are fed in feed water of boiler to inhibit, prevent growth of scale and modify structure of scale from hard scale to sludge (Crystal modification).  Then sludge can be removed by blow down.
  • Biocides
    Our biocides are non-oxidizing agent fed in water of cooling, evaporator and chiller to kill and inhibit the growth of microorganism such as bacteria, algae, slime. It can prevent blockage problem in water pipe and heat exchanger.
  • Flocculants
    §  Use in combination with coagulant to eliminate suspended solid in raw water
    §  Sludge dewatering in dewatering system
    §  Reduce and remove color in waste water
  • Coagulants
    Eliminate suspended solid and color in raw water, potable water system and waste water treatment
  • Resin & Media
    Exchange Resin  is intended for use in all water softening , dealkalization , deionzation and chemical processing application and  media for clarifier , sand filter , activated carbon filter , multimedia filter.
  • Water Treatment System
    Water Purification , Filtration , Softener , Activated Carbon , Reverse Osmosis , DI, EDI  , Waste Water System.
  • Water Report
    Water analysis report results with recommendation. 
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