We’re an privately owned chemical manufacturer and distributor based in Thailand with global market coverage

For more than 50 years, VS Group has established itself as a leading chemical distributor providing chemical services to various industries such as health and beauty, electronics, electronics and beverage industries, food & beverage processing, agricultural industry, roof tile, coating, plating, latex gloves, paint and coating printing ink, etc. by the founders Mr. Umphan & Mrs. Sumarat Viprakasit. We are trusted in the industry and is growing steadily. In addition, it has gained the trust of customers and manufacturers from abroad. Provided support We are recognized as a leading supplier of industrial chemicals. With a unique combination of skills and resource usage. This makes us one of the leaders who meet all customer needs through continuous quality improvement. With 3 business groups, 15 companies and 980 employees, we have the following group companies : RCI Labscan Group, Nitrocellulose Group and VS Chem Group.

A Timeline of our history


To be A Manufacturer and supplier of Chemical products of superior quality and value which our customers require with an excellent place to work, our customers’ and suppliers’ partner of choice and the most sustainable company in our industry.

Industries we serve