อักโซโนเบิล เอ็นวี

กว่า 200 ปีที่อักโซโนเบิล เอ็นวี ดำเนินธุรกิจด้านสารเคลือบ ได้แก่ Powder Coatings, Decorative Paints, Industrial Coatings, Marine, Protective and Yacht Coatings, Automotive and Specialty Coatings เป็นต้น

BWA Water Additives

BWA Flocon® solutions are predictive software tool that enables reverse osmosis users to select antiscalants most suited to the needs of their plant water chemistry.

Dow Inc.

For High Efficiency Water Treatment Solutions, Dow offers a variety of chemical technologies to increase the efficiency of water treatment that will result in : Increased water recovery rates, Scale removal from processing equipment, Reduced waste and optimal water flow, Increased lifespan of water processing, equipment and less downtime, Reduced water processing maintenance costs and Energy savings.

Huntsman Corporation (HUN)

Our range of chemistries plays a key role in formulating water treatment products. Our formulations are used for corrosion inhibition, as intermediates in the manufacture of flocculants and wet-strength resins.


ResinTech has been a global leader in the field of ion exchange for water purification since its founding in 1986. The company has since expanded to manufacture water purification cartridges and lab water systems, provide resin regeneration and wastewater treatment services, reverse osmosis membrane restoration, and provide world-class lab services for resin and water analysis. And it all started in a basement.

SNF Floerger

As a global leader in manufacturing water-soluble polymers, SNF has developed a range of more than 1,000 products that help to preserve natural resources, encourage recycling, and improve industrial process efficiencies. SNF polymers have several complementary functionalities: flocculation, coagulation, rheology modification, and friction reduction.


For Evoqua Water Technologies, IONPURE® was the first to commercialize continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) for water purification.

Alco Chemical

Alco Chemical is a unit of National Starch and Chemical Company which specializes in the chemicals for use in the manufacture and synthetic salts of polymeric acid for a diverse range of industries.


Thermphos focus on various specialty phosphate, including almost all food-grade single phosphates and blended phosphates in food processing, as well as applied in electronic and electroplating industries.

Blackburn Chemicals Limited

Blackburn Chemicals specialize in producing foam controls solutions for a diverse range of industries.

Aditya Birla Group

Aditya Birla Group businesses are global powerhouses across sectors such as metals, pulp and fibre, chemicals, textiles, carbon black, telecom and cement.